Family Law

Family Law is an area of the law that deals with issues that are family or domestic related.  Marriage, divorce, child custody concerns – these are included in this area of law.  However, the realm of family law encompasses a wider range of issues than these more common subjects.

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Along with marriage there are other types of relationships, such as civil unions and domestic partnerships.  All may be regarded as relationships that convey legal rights.  Innumerous issues may arise from any relationship.  Common possibilities include spousal abuse or child abuse, adoption, guardianship, child abduction, surrogacy, legitimacy, and paternity.

Termination of relationships can occur such as divorce or annulment, and legal separation.  With termination comes additional concerns, such as property settlements, alimony, parental responsibility or custody, child support, visitation, and restraining orders.

Current trends in marriage concepts include pre-nuptial agreements.  These are contracts that outline the terms of the relationships before getting married or entering into any similar personal relationship.  Prenuptial agreements address issues prior to the legal forming of relationships that deal with property, spousal support, and other special provisions in case of divorce or separation.  Historically prenuptial agreements were not recognized by judges in the United States.  Currently they are recognized, as well as postnuptial agreements.  However these kinds of agreements must be carefully written and executed.  Legal consultation is suggested, and the agreements must be notorized.

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